Evi Gkotzaridis on The Greek Connection

I am currently reading the fascinating life of high-profile journalist and whistle-blower Elias Demetracopoulos, so painstakingly, skillfully and dramatically told by James Barron. I’m learning so much from it, but I am already struck by how little ruffled or concerned the American administrations, both Republican and Democrat, seemed to have been about Greece and the rape of its democracy in 1967, considering how much Greece’s post-war history was determined by American intervention and even ‘unorthodox’ interference during the Cold War years. I eagerly invite my colleagues to read this amazing book and watch the following online presentation! My warmest congratulations to James Barron! This story absolutely needed to be told!

Evi Gkotzaridis, author of A Pacifist’s Life and Death: Grigorios Lambrakis and Greece in the Long Shadow of Civil War

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