Evangelos Louizos Review: The Greek Connection

James Barron has done an outstanding job revealing the accomplishments of Elias Demetracopoulos, an unknown personality to most of us, and bringing out from obscurity this heroic figure who struggled ceaselessly against omnipotent sinister forces. In parts it reads like a Cold War novel. Years from now, students of history will still use it for reference. Well done and congratulations.

For me this book has a special meaning because I was a passive participant in that period, and I can remember most of the protagonists and events.

With every page, persons and events came back to me, day by day, and I cringed with anger at recalling them. It was when democracy was being slowly strangled by the proxies at the behest of their sponsors in Washington.

Barron’s book gave my personal experiences details and depth and I thank him for it.
I found the “Watergate” reference in the title is too limiting, because the content of the book goes well beyond that episode. I suggest that the title should be changed to “THE AMERICAN CONNECTION.”

What Elias fought against and exposed was the corruption on Capitol Hill and the Oval Office that are still with us today. The arrogant, cavalier and shameful way the United States treats weaker countries is still part of our policy.

For example, the repercussions of Kissinger’s acts/decisions on the Cyprus matter back in 1974, are felt today, in the Eastern Mediterranean with Erdogan.

Elias’ struggle against the fascist forces in his country is being repeated daily in countries around the world. His struggle not only was international but is now also contemporary.
Elias, in addition to his other virtues, was as A Man for All Seasons.
I highly recommend others read this engaging and riveting book.

—Evangelos Louizos, author of “My Father Had This Luger…A true story of Hitler’s Greece”